It’s finally here, a way to learn how to work less and achieve more in your career!

The 80/20 Mindset E-course teaches you to adopt and apply the 80/20 rule in business, so that you perform better in your job right now, and understand how to accelerate your career growth in the future.

By the end of the e-course you will think like a results-orientated super-performer.

It was specifically designed to help you overcome many of the major obstacles to success present in today’s unstable workplace. These keep you from achieving the highest level of fulfilment at work.

It does this by focusing on 5 mindset shifts concerning the 10 areas of career improvement, and shows you how to implement drastic change to enhance your approach to your working life.

This e-course will help ambitious Millennials change their lives and their industries for the better – but anyone who wants to learn 80/20 practice will find value here.

Why this e-course? Explore The 80/20 Mindset Experience

E-course Information

LearnDash Learning Management System: Step-by-step self-directed learning
Course Instructor: Bob Skinstad
Registration: Open 24/7 – begin right away
Total Time Requirement: 5 hours (1 free intro, 5 for core e-course)
Total Effort: An hour a day, for 5 days
Total Modules: 6
Total Quizzes: 10
Language: English
Technological Requirements: Desktop PC, mobile or tablet / internet connection

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Receive badges after each module is completed
Pass quizzes based on module content
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On Completion

Receive your 80/20 Mindset E-course Certification, endorsed by Richard Koch and Bob Skinstad and become an 80/20 leader.

The certificate is outstanding evidence of your commitment to performance-orientated work and a major differentiator in the job market.

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The 80/20 Mindset Curriculum

Introductory Module Welcome to The 80/20 Mindset (free!) 50 mins Free Module
Module 1 Top Down and Bottom Up 80/20 50 mins
Module 2 80/20 Thinking and 80/20 Analysis 50 mins
Module 3 Capturing Personal Value 50 mins
Module 4 Energy and Resource Management 50 mins
Module 5 Leveraging the Power of Others 50 mins

Student Testimonials

“The 80/20 Mindset e-course has changed my attitude towards time allocation to ensure optimal results. As a young entrepreneur and professional sportsman it is critical that you identify the areas that will make the biggest impact in order for you to grow as a person and as a business.

We as humans tend to allocate too much time towards little projects or ‘things’ that won’t really benefit us as much in the long term as we think it will, but still we do it.

This well structured online course has really challenged me to question the way I do business as well as the way I live my daily life.”  – Jan de Klerk


Warren Bright


“If you want to be challenged and inspired to take action, then this e-course is for you. I took away so many valuable lessons which I can’t wait to implement in my own business.

I’m also a practical learner and absolutely loved the stories of The 80/20 Mindset in action. Thank you for everything you shared, Bob.”  – Warren Bright



Payment Options

1 licence buys lifetime access

The small, medium and large e-course licences come with an exciting live speaking event introducing your brand employees to The 80/20 Mindset, hosted and presented by Bob Skinstad.

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Individual Licence Small Business Licence Medium Sized Business Licence Enterprise Business Licence
1 student Less than 20 students 20-100 students 100+ students
Speaking presentation Speaking presentation Speaking presentation
Meet and greet Meet and greet
Full e-course access Full e-course access Full e-course access Full e-course access
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