How Do You Create Stability in Your Career?

Career stability is like owning a gigantic fairy-tale castle.

Only a few people in the world get to live that way, and it’s never anyone you know.

As elusive as this concept may seem these days, stability is an achievable goal.

You just need to be become the hero of the story, before you can move into the castle.

Here are 3 steps to becoming the hero of your own story:

Step 1: Expand Your Profile

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the best reputation of them all? The internet is today’s equivalent of a mirror, but instead of one solitary, wicked queen owning the mirror realm – everyone has access to it.

Your reputation will gallop through the online hills before you, attracting all kinds of opportunities that will enhance your career.

That’s why you need to expand your reputation and make sure that it’s communicated well among your online networks.

Step 2: Don’t Wait for Opportunity

Stability in your career requires a certain degree of risk-taking to get right. You can’t passively send out your resume, and sit behind a computer screen expecting the big opportunities to fall into your lap.

While the online world is a portal to better things, what you do also matters!

Don’t get into the habit of waiting for the next big thing. Instead pursue areas of your career that will enhance and define your reputation.

It’s the difference between staying in your tower waiting to be rescued, or charging off into the dark forest to see what trials and adventures will cross your path!

Step 3: Find the Tools

King Arthur was little more than a peasant boy before he found Excalibur, and the sword changed his reputation forever. In your career, you’ll need to find the right tools to accompany you on your quest to be the hero.

Sometimes it will be something small like a new work connection, but big things count too. The 80/20 Mindset was my Excalibur. It gave me the systems I needed to follow a plan that would ultimately allow me to rise to the top of my field.

How do you create stability in your career?

Expand your profile using the magic power of the internet, but don’t get into the habit of waiting around for things to happen. Find your Excalibur, and soon your reputation will have the same longevity as the mighty stories of Camelot.