How Do You Actually Change Careers?

For starters, you definitely don’t panic, sell everything you own and move to Guam.

Career change is a scary and all too familiar reality these days.

At least, that’s what every single article in the world tells us. You should be terrified to practice change, because it’s a foreign and deeply unsettling thing. I disagree with that.

Here are 3 steps you’ll need to change your career:

Step 1: Fall Madly in Love with Change

Change is a lot like love – it’s a scary prospect but an incredible experience. I don’t agree that we should all sit quivering in our jeans when change rears its attractive, alluring head.

When you fear change, you fear something that is part of your core nature.

Something that happens with alarming regularity and predictability in your career. Right now, change is an awkward acquaintance, but I know in my heart the two of you can be more than that.

Step 2: Understand What Causes Fear

Fear is a powerful emotion, and it’s meant to be. It’s a physical response that is supposed to prompt action, and inspire you to save yourself from whatever is making you afraid.

Thousands of years ago, we felt fear if we saw a lion, and it prompted us to flee to save our lives. Modern day lions often present themselves in the form of a broken response cycle.

You want a new career, and suddenly you’re fearful. Your primal instinct tells you to flee, and that it’s a bad idea to move closer to that fear. But it’s wrong.

You need to run screaming right at that lion!

Step 3: Know Your Life Goals

Your career and your life are the same thing. So before you investigate a new career, you need to understand your life goals in order to embrace change.

The 80/20 Mindset taught me how to make better decisions that would lead me to a stronger career, even if it was a completely different one.

But I never would have known to study more, if I hadn’t realised that I wanted to lead a life less ordinary. Now change and I go everywhere together, we’re practically inseparable.

How do you change careers?

I’d start with a mindset shift. Fall madly in love with change, understand why you’re afraid of it and don’t let it stop you from taking risks and moving forward.