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7 Reasons to Rethink E-Learning

Why This E-Course?

The 80/20 Mindset actively improves employee performance. It strips away the clutter, amplifies what matters most and teaches staff how to gain and secure success at work, as a team player and an individual.

Brands need results-orientated teams.
Teams that are invested, accountable and loyal.
Here are my 7 reasons why.

Bob Skinstad

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Send me the e-course prospectus to ponder over coffee, when I have a bit more time. It's everything you need to know about The 80/20 E-course experience.

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Why is the 80/20 rule becoming increasingly important?

Richard Koch has been asking this question since he first published The 80/20 Principle back in the nineties. He didn't always have an answer!

Luckily, the answer revealed itself to him.
And it can be summed up in a single word -


The 80/20 Principle works incredibly well in the context of networks.

As someone interested in online employee training and development for your brand, networks are essential to the on-going success of your company.

There are networks online and offline - they're everywhere!

Groups of friends are networks. So are brand teams, your company intranet, your email list, your competitors and your department's indoor soccer team. One individual in your company belongs to dozens of them, and they all work concurrently for the good of your bottom line.

This is How We Make Sense of The World

According to HBR, thanks to globalisation and the internet, business competition is fierce. These relatively new influences have made networks critically important in business.

All at once, we have access to everything. The world is smaller than it's ever been, yet competition for business and profit is higher than ever. We have networks to blame for this.

External data feeds them, and power imbalances thrive as a result.

The Economist recently declared data the world's most valuable resource, above oil - because it has the power to influence these networks.

Extreme Networks are The Future

You only need to look at search engines to see these 80/20 patterns at play. Richard tells us there are over 200 in the world, yet we only really know about, and bother with, 4.

And let's be honest - Google is the only one that people pay attention to!

We make sense of the world through networks. And this is why the 80/20 Mindset is resurging as a key force in amplifying performance and reducing excess.

Couple 80/20 practice with data - and super-performance results.
That's when 80/20 becomes 95/5 or 99/1.

The 80/20 Mindset acts as an incredibly useful methodology for understanding, structuring and improving networks and how they function for the benefit of your company.

Corporate e-learning can be a powerful way to harness networks that will improve your business on every level.

Your employees need to know.
The future is 80/20.


e-course prospectus

No time to finish reading?

Send me the e-course prospectus to ponder over coffee, when I have a bit more time. It's everything you need to know about The 80/20 E-course experience.

I'll shoot over a PDF copy for you, to read at your leisure.

Is your company attracting the best employees?

With the competitive nature of globalised business, all brands are feeling pressure to attract the best possible employees to their company.

People make up the core of your brand culture. They're the reason you have break-through innovations, can survive tech disruption and are able to outperform competitors.

But often business growth happens at the expense of the individual. Millennials are hyper-aware of this, and it makes them unproductive, disillusioned and flighty.

According to Gallup - attracting top talent results in a 20% increase in sales, a 10% increase in productivity, a 30% increase in profitability and a 25% decrease in unscheduled absences.

Stronger talent creates stronger results.

Knowing What You Stand For

Best case scenario, you are actively attracting top talent and shaping them into powerful teams. Worst case scenario - you aren't doing that - and it's progressively weakening your company.

You're not taking advantage of the 'people' element of your brand, and it shows.

Talented millennials don't just want employee benefits and a competitive salary. They want to know that your brand cares about them. That they're working with good people who stand for something.

I'm talking about company culture!

A strong office culture with teams that are performance-orientated is a must-have for ambitious millennials. They are attracted to brands who are people-centric and know how to make a positive impact in their field.

The 80/20 Mindset experience was created to help build brand culture, foster a sense of unity and assist in the on-going educational growth of top-tier millennial talent.

It's an amazing way to introduce your employees to high-performance, results-orientated team work - without making unnecessary demands on their time. Best of all, it passes along a success mindset that actively encourages team collaboration and achievement.

Powerful teams boost productivity, provide individuals with a support network, they improve morale and encourage innovation - and of course strong relationships attract top-tier talent.

People are loyal to people, not brands.

Invest in The 80/20 Mindset experience, and stand for your people.
It's what matters most.


e-course prospectus

No time to finish reading?

Send me the e-course prospectus to ponder over coffee, when I have a bit more time. It's everything you need to know about The 80/20 E-course experience.

I'll shoot over a PDF copy for you, to read at your leisure.

What is the one thing your employees can't stand?

That's right!
It's being taken advantage of by a nameless, faceless entity that doesn't care!

Having a job today is not as mutually beneficial as it once was.
And millennials know that.

People were happy to work for the same company for years, because there was a powerful sense of mutual benefit that existed between brands and their employees back then.

According to Business Insider, people work for more than just their paychecks. The goal is always a sense of purpose and reward, which takes a number of factors into account.

These factors can be boiled down to an on-going sense of inclusion and mutual benefit. Both of these are promoted with the right online employee training and development programs.

The Era of Impersonal Business

When the global economy took a nose dive, this was the first thing to go at workplaces around the world. Companies were inundated with change, pressure and leaking profits.

The weight fell on employees. Conditions worsened. Opportunities for advancement - the cornerstone of mutual benefit, were suddenly scarce.

But you had to keep your doors from closing!

Brands became separate from their people. And people suffered. The first thing to disintegrate was mutual benefit.

We started saying things like "It's not personal. It's just business" - to justify the ever-increasing hardships and destabilizing relationships between individuals, and the brands they work for.

Now, the smart millennial wants to know one thing.

"What's in it for me?"

They want to know how they will personally benefit if they continue working for you. And it's a valid question.

The 80/20 Mindset e-course is the kind of online employee training program that contributes to personal growth, and business growth. It's symbiotic - like it should be.

It reconnects the needs of the individual, with your company needs. Education is so much more effective when it's personal.

Give your employees the gift of mutual benefit.
Teach them The 80/20 Mindset.

Sign us up!

e-course prospectus

No time to finish reading?

Send me the e-course prospectus to ponder over coffee, when I have a bit more time. It's everything you need to know about The 80/20 E-course experience.

I'll shoot over a PDF copy for you, to read at your leisure.

Are your employees performing at their best?

Managing team performance is an on-going concern for your company.

Your workforce is battling against some pretty intense obstacles that are standing in the way of optimal productivity at work.

The glorification of workaholism has inspired millennials to do more at a younger age than any previous generation. And the overwhelming nature of modern life does not lend itself to consistent peak performance - quite the opposite.

According to Happify, employees in their twenties and thirties experience on-going stress and negative thoughts about work, every single day.

The media has told them that they can be great, but they haven't been taught how. Burnout is becoming a real threat to your workforce.

Add this to high staff turnover rates, and a growing leadership drain - and your company's future may not be as secure as your technology leads you to believe.

See The Coming Problem, Solve It

Your brand needs to be more realistic about training employees to manage performance. The Pareto Principle has long been used as a weapon for streamlining productivity and improving efficiency in business, and it can do the same for your workforce.

Your company spends a small fortune reviewing each employee, and not enough on training them how to perform at work despite the clutter in their lives, and in the world around them.

To achieve high performance as a brand, you must first enable it.

Education is the key to helping your people find what they do best, so that they can do it for you. Your millennial employees want to be recognised, motivated and empowered to perform!

Some 77% of brands feel ill equipped to handle the performance issues they face.

The reality is that without a workforce dedicated to performance and results-orientated work, your brand will not stay competitive for very long.

As you progress and grow with the blindingly fast pace of technology, your employees need to understand how to perform when and where it counts. Corporate e-learning is the answer.

You need to build a culture of performance into your company.
The 80/20 Mindset is here to help.

We're on board!

e-course prospectus

No time to finish reading?

Send me the e-course prospectus to ponder over coffee, when I have a bit more time. It's everything you need to know about The 80/20 E-course experience.

I'll shoot over a PDF copy for you, to read at your leisure.

Is your staff turnover higher than the ice wall in Game of Thrones?

You're not alone - 79% of companies believe employee retention and loyalty is becoming a serious concern. Without it, leadership structures begin to fail and company growth & innovation suffer.

It's being called the 'employee retention crisis' and, according to studies by Future Workplace and Kronos, 87% of employers have flagged retention and loyalty as critical priorities moving into 2018.

You need to do something to get your employees to stay at your company. Online training for millennials is a worthwhile option.

Your Employees are Avocado Seeds

Millennials care about their daily lives.

And because the internet is such a huge part of that, they have access to a lot of information, and a lot of greener pastures. This means that they see what could be and they notice what isn't, at work.

They want to make things better, and you need to let them. But above all, you need to empower them with the ability to make things better, so that you can trust the change they bring.

Growth and progress are two primary needs for ambitious millennials.

Think of them as avocado seeds. In order for them to sprout and grow, they need to be equipped with the right resources that help them progress in their careers.

If you cut off their ability to progress, they will stagnate and stop growing altogether. Then they'll leave to find better resources elsewhere. One of these key resources is education.

High employee turnover is costing you more than just money. It's costing your company the ability to grow with its employees.

Giving Employees a Stronger Reason

Your employees need good reasons to stay at your company.

According to HBR, giving them a clear career path is instrumental to this goal.

You can show them where they could go in your company, but it's a much bigger task helping each employee understand where they fit best, and what kind of careers they want to have.

The 80/20 Mindset educates millennials about career growth, how to achieve it and how to be flexible in the face of on-going change.

When your people know what they want, they make better decisions.

Show them that you care about the impact they have on your company, guide them towards a brighter career path and benefit from employees that will stay with your brand, for longer.

Help your employees grow in the right direction.
Show them that progress begins with a supportive brand.

We agree!

e-course prospectus

No time to finish reading?

Send me the e-course prospectus to ponder over coffee, when I have a bit more time. It's everything you need to know about The 80/20 E-course experience.

I'll shoot over a PDF copy for you, to read at your leisure.

Is your brand preparing for the coming leadership crisis?

Leadership problems kill businesses from within. And this is because - fundamentally - all business problems are leadership problems.

Without strong leadership in your company, innovation withers and dies. Employees flee. Systems break down and stop working. People become lazy and unmotivated.

There are versions of this in varying degrees at every brand that operates in today's world. Yes, even the super-brands! Just one weak or disinterested leader can have catastrophic effects on a team.

What if I told you, 86% of businesses have a leadership problem right now?

The World Economic Forum recently conducted a survey that unearthed this shocking reality.

Where Have All the Leaders Gone

Leaders in all shapes and sizes aren't born, they're made.

More to the point, they're made through hard won effort, forged by the people around them and the obstacles and opportunities they face in a particular environment.

But what happens when people don't stick around, work environments turn hostile and career advancement becomes an old wives tale?

The reason there are fewer and fewer real leaders in your company, is because responsibility and loyalty have become unpopular.

Millennials need to realign with their brands, so that critical traits can be ingrained in them through progress and hard won effort. Belief, courage, risk-taking - correct reward systems - these are the building blocks of loyalty and leadership.

Inspire a Culture of Leadership

Leadership begins with accountability, direction and belief. Your company needs to inspire your employees to become leaders in their respective areas, so that your brand can grow.

That means getting your workforce working towards a common goal. It means teaching your people to be leaders for themselves and for your brand.

The 80/20 Mindset is a leadership-centric millennial e-learning program that will help your employees be more accountable, responsible and performance-focused at work.

Leadership unlocks long term growth for your company.
Inspire a culture of leadership from day 1 with this e-course.

Excellent yes!

e-course prospectus

No time to finish reading?

Send me the e-course prospectus to ponder over coffee, when I have a bit more time. It's everything you need to know about The 80/20 E-course experience.

I'll shoot over a PDF copy for you, to read at your leisure.

Do you know what your employees really want from your company?

There are two things that stand tall above all others. And these are - education and experience.

Time Magazine recently published an article that proved millennials have different priorities to previous generations. Most want education and skill development above everything else.

More than holidays, and money - and more than getting married and having kids. If your company isn't providing your employees with the right learning opportunities - forget it.

Most brands invest in online e-learning courses that teach very specific skills. It's a multi-million dollar industry. Unfortunately, many of these programs are brand-specific or they're taught in a way that bores your employee into a premature and permanent state of narcolepsy.

You need to give your employees what they want. And they want learning experiences.

Collective Learning, Mutual Experience Sharing

It's been well-documented that millennials have turned away from traditional measures of success, and are instead embracing the experience economy.

Real life experiences are important for millennials. And when you combine this with their never-ending thirst to learn - you get something powerful.

I've designed The 80/20 Mindset to be a collective learning experience, mutually shared by the people who are part of your brand.

This solves many of the learning retention issues faced by smaller, less engaging education programs. First, your employees embark on the program together, so they can practice, and discuss what they learn as it happens in real time - both online and at work.

Second, by kicking off the e-learning program with a live presentation it engages their senses and makes them excited about the shared experience - connecting with their peers and your brand.

This Makes Learning Better

Few full-time millennial employees have time to attend classes these days. Those that commit to online e-learning classes, do it in a state of isolation. Sure, it works, but is it optimal?

I want to bring back the camaraderie of discussion, shared experience and mutual connection - things that are lacking in e-learning today.

With The 80/20 Mindset we take a step in the right direction.

Your employees gain access to a shared learning experience that begins in their work environment, continues in high impact learning bursts at home through the online training portal - and continues for 5 memorable days as their peers engage and experience the knowledge together.

Millennials want education and they want experiences. But above all of these pressing needs, they want it in an environment of mutual connection.

Make your company the place that gives it to them.
This is how.

Let's do it!