Motivational Speaking

A motivational speaker should engage your audience, igniting new ideas, discussion and excitement around the concepts being introduced to your company, attendees or members.

Bob Skinstad has a reputation as one of the most engaging keynote speakers available for hire today, with the ability to hold attention and deliver powerful, thought-provoking stories that inspire and motivate those who hear him speak.

When it comes to leadership education and employee training and development, Bob uses his extraordinary experience as an International Rugby Captain, family man, successful entrepreneur and business personality to impart invaluable knowledge with his unique and engaging style.

The topics he speaks on most often include business innovation, change management, company growth and team culture – and he shares these with audiences all over the world.

With a track record of over 250 corporate talks given in 25 different countries, Bob is a motivational speaker who also appeals to a millennial audience. He has navigated career switches and ongoing change in his own life, which has made him uniquely qualified to speak about success from many perspectives.

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Currently the Head of Business Development at Draper Gain Investments, Bob is also a Venture Partner and Owner of Knife Capital – a highly successful Venture Capital firm with offices in South Africa and in the United Kingdom.

With extensive networks that span across the sporting and business niches, Bob’s aim is to bring 80/20 practice to the digital generation.

If you’re looking for a global business authority that caters to corporates and sports teams alike, a dynamic presentation from Bob Skinstad will keep your audience on the edge of their seats.

Brands searching for interesting employee learning experiences will enjoy his primary offering, which teaches millennials how to apply the 80/20 rule at work and in their careers.

Because speaking is a passion and a vocation for Bob, he is available as a motivational speaker for hire at your next conference, keynote event or seminar, or as an 80/20 specialist with The 80/20 Mindset Experience.

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