How Do You Work Less Every Day?

Reading this post is a great start, but now you need sustainability.

Your heart is in the right place. But free time always comes at a secret, sneaky cost.

I once asked a good friend of mine what he did every day. For work.

And he said, “as little as possible, most of the time.” He was extremely successful.

Here are 3 steps to working a little less every day:

Step 1: Reframe What it Means

Modern society tells us that we’re privileged to spend our lives working, and everything we do in adolescence prepares us for it. We’re taught to resign ourselves to the idea that we’ll be working forever, so we’d better become proficient at something.

It’s a universal truth that we all need money to live! Ironically, money and working are not a married couple. They’re more like second cousins living under the same roof.

To work less, you need to be more financially secure, and highly productive for specific hours of the day. In other words, you need to reframe how you think about working.

It’s not an on-going exchange of your time and resources for money.

It’s an opportunity.

Step 2: Work Takes You Places

Entrepreneurial spirits often spend their formative years working themselves to death in order to have a shot at free time later on in life. This is not very effective either.

For one, you overwork your best years away. Work should be seen as a way to connect with new people, explore ideas and interests and better, simpler ways to earn money.

You don’t get rich by working more, you get rich through financial investment. You work to find a sense of fulfilment and purpose. If you find that in excess, work stops being a chore and the key hours you dedicate to it become the happiest parts of your day.

Step 3: Focus on Productivity

You don’t have to spend all 8 hours a day grinding away like an electric kitchen utensil.

In the same way work is only tenuously related to money, productivity is only loosely related to time.

If you want to learn how to work less, you need to drastically improve how productive you are in short windows of time that free up your day.

A few hours of focused, structured, intentional work is often far more productive than 8 hours slogging away at multiple things!

How do you work less every day?

Reframe how you think about the role of work in your life. Understand that work is meant to take you places, but it won’t make you rich.

Focus on those key productive areas that make you more efficient, to free up your day. The 80/20 Mindset gives you a framework for how to institute these practices in your life.